Texting and talking face to face statistics

Talking on a mobile phone became less common last year after a long period of growing popularity, but the use of text messages has continued to increase. The average British adult now sends texts a month, Ofcom's Communications Market Report found, more than double the figure of four years ago. More than half 58 per cent of adults now say they use text messages at least once a day to communicate with family and friends, while only 49 per cent meet people face-to face on such a regular basis. Forty-seven per cent speak to close ones on a mobile phone every day, and 33 per cent communicate daily via social networking.

Pet sitter

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Enable secret 5 decrypt tool

Cisco devices running the Cisco IOS have three types of ways to display passwords in the device configuration which include Type 0, Type 5, and Type 7. Below we describe all three methods of storing passwords in the Cisco IOS device configuration and how to obtain the password from each method either by simply reading the password, by quickly converting the password from the Cisco defined encryption algorithm, or by cracking MD5 UNIX password hashes. The most secure of the available password hashes is the Cisco Type 5 password hash which is a MD5 Unix hash.

Risotto amaro ;-p

The variety and versatility of amaro is what so quickly endears it to somms and casual drinkers alike, Struck adds. While the name is Italian, they have been produced widely throughout Europe and less so around the world. In France, they are called amerin Spain, ratafia. Centuries ago, amaro was considered medicinal.